All Are One In Christ: Racial Reconciliation and the Kingdom of God

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Big Picture: In Ephesians 2:11-22, Paul shows that racial reconciliation reflects how we are new creations in Christ who experience the unity of peace as those who are now part of the household of God.

Point 1: Racial reconciliation reflects how earthly divisions are torn down for those who are in Christ (2:11-15)

  • Key idea: Despite their ethnic differences, Jews and Gentiles are made one in Christ
  • What it says: Citizenship in the Kingdom of God is not a function of ethnicity
  • Why it matters: Membership in God’s family requires an embrace of the diversity of peoples called to membership in Christ
  • What to do:
    • Recognize salvation isn’t attributed to status, class, or ethnicity
    • Recognize salvation is a gift offered to all the nations of the world (Rev. 7:9)

Point 2: Racial reconciliation reflects that unity comes through peace with God (2:16-18)

  • Key idea: Reconciliation with one another comes through Christ’s crucifixion
  • What it says: Christ is our reconciliation and our peace
  • Why it matters: Animosity with God and with one another no longer defines our existence
  • What to do:
    • Celebrate the diversity of the redeemed
    • Celebrate that our former differences have been crucified in Christ
    • Embrace that the only marker of our “identity” is the blood of Jesus Christ

Point 3: Racial reconciliation reflects that we are part of the household of God (2:19-22)

  • Key idea: Jesus Christ is the builder of a household with many, diverse members
  • What it says: Through the Holy Spirit, God is building a household where the foundation is Christ
  • Why it matters: Spiritual growth involves the whole household of God in all its diversity (v. 22)
  • What to do:
    • Seek ways to build up the household of God in all its diversity
    • Seek ways to encourage the household of God to grow spiritually

Conclusion: The Kingdom of God is not recognizable by race or ethnicity. It is recognizable only by those who claim the cross of Christ. Because God does not look at ethnicity or race as a factor for who is “in Christ,” neither should we.

Download the .pdf here

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