Daniel Hurst shares about his ERLC internship

By Staff
Apr 8, 2014

Are you passionate about addressing the moral and ethical issues of our day from a gospel-centered, kingdom-focused perspective? Do you desire to sharpen your leadership skills and equip yourself for the future? 

The ERLC offers two types of internships throughout the year:

  • Presidential internships – Presidential interns work closely with Russell Moore and other ERLC executive leaders in Nashville to contribute to the leadership, communications, and content strategy of the ERLC as the organization equips churches to address the major issues of our day.
  • Policy Internships – Policy interns work in Washington DC to support the ERLC’s efforts on policy and coalition work as the organization engages the public square from a gospel-centered vantage point.

If you are a college student, seminary student or young leader desiring to gain volunteer hands-on experience directly involved in issues that impact millions of people, then you should consider the ERLC Internship Program. 

Daniel Hurst shares about his 2013 internship experience.

Why did you want to do the ERLC internship?

My desire to do an internship with the ERLC grew out of a longing to see the gospel of Jesus Christ impact our culture, government, and public policy. I wanted to see how Christian ethics speaks to the pressing issues of our day. Having no knowledge of working with a policy institute, I knew the ERLC would develop me in many ways and provide me with opportunities I would not have outside the internship.

What did you learn through your ERLC internship?

The ERLC stretched me in unexpected ways. Not only did my research skills and writing improve as a result of the internship, but I also gained invaluable institutional knowledge. Furthermore, the ERLC gave me considerably broader interests in the field of ethics and opened my eyes to the myriad of ways men and women are influencing churches, politics, and our culture for the gospel.

What was a particular project you enjoyed working on during your ERLC internship?

I worked very closely with Andrew Walker, Director of Policy Studies. He would often give me small research projects to complete. One particular project he gave me on the issue of world hunger turned into a writing project that the ERLC published on their website. For someone who had never been published, this was a great honor.  

How can your internship experience help you with your future?

I plan to shortly begin doctoral studies in the field of ethics. The ERLC provided me with connections to some of the greatest evangelical thinkers of our day. The knowledge I gained from engaging in conversation with many of my colleagues at the ERLC has helped to shape many of my views and will surely prove invaluable in the future.

Who should consider doing the ERLC internship and why?

An internship with the ERLC is a great learning experience for anyone with an interest in Christian ethics, issues of religious liberty, or public policy. It will provide you with great, entry-level, intimate institutional knowledge, and it is sure to broaden you and deepen your convictions of what it means to impact our culture with the truths of the gospel.


In you're interested in apply, go here.

*ERLC interenships are unpaid

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