ERLC Releases 2012 Party Platform Comparison Guides

By Staff
Oct 23, 2012

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention has released the 2012 Party Platform Comparison Guides to provide nonpartisan insight into political parties’ views in wake of the presidential election.

The guides cover a wide range of issues including civil rights, human trafficking, immigration, justice, the environment and others.

“As we do every four years the ERLC is providing a platform comparison between the Democratic Party’s platform and the Republican Party’s platform,” said ERLC president Richard Land.

“In this comparison we take the language that each party uses to describe its position on a variety of issues with no editorial comment. We do this to allow people to be informed voters. I would encourage every church to obtain this platform comparison and distribute them to their church members so that they will have the opportunity to know where the two parties stand and vote their own values, beliefs and convictions.”

Voters can download a low and high-resolution version of the comparison guide online or call (800) 475-9127 to purchase 50 count bundles at $10 per bundle plus shipping and handling.

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