Introducing Rapid Fire

By Daniel Darling
Oct 16, 2013

I read quite a few blogs every day. My favorites are the blogs that not only produce terrific content, but also share other great links from around the internet. We want to do that as well, which is why we launched a new feature called Rapid Fire.

Rapid Fire is our way of sharing some of the most thoughtful and interesting content at the intersection of faith and public policy. This fits with our mission to help influence the church and the culture.

Sometimes our links will reinforce our work around Kingdom, Culture and Mission. Other times it may be a helpful news story or video that makes you aware of a something important or interesting. And of course, posting a link doesn’t constitute an endorsement of the publishing organizations.

If you’re an RSS reader like myself, you’ll notice we have a special feed just for Rapid Fire. You’ll also notice “earlier links” for those times when you’re thinking to yourself, I know I saw ERLC post a link a few days ago, what was that?”

We’re looking to roll out some more features in the days and months ahead. I’d love to hear your feedback and any suggestions you might have.

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