Urge Your Representative to Support Religious Freedom under Health Care

By Richard Land
May 15, 2013

Dear Friends:

Our cherished religious freedom is eroding quickly before our very eyes. While this is happening on multiple fronts, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) abortion/contraceptive mandate is one of the most visible means by which the government is stripping our freedom of conscience.

And unless Americans awaken to this brewing storm, the mandate could devastate the very foundation of our religious freedom with tsunami-like force.

To help stop the erosion of our God-given freedom, several lawmakers, led by Rep. Diane Black (R-TN), have introduced the Health Care Conscience Rights Act (H.R. 940) in the U.S. House of Representatives. H.R. 940 would uphold freedom of religion and conscience in three critical ways:

  • Ensure that individuals and insurers are not forced to purchase or provide health insurance policies to which they have moral objections;
  • Bar the government from discriminating against health care entities that refuse to provide or pay for abortions; and
  • Allow victims of discrimination on matters of conscience like abortion to seek redress in federal court.
    Now we need many more representatives to support this bill. Will you help?

If you believe no person should be forced to violate his or her religious or moral convictions under health care, please urge your representative to cosponsor the Health Care Conscience Rights Act (H.R. 940). You can reach your representative through the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or send an email here. Also, please consider forwarding this alert to your friends and church members. We need many others to help.

Countless employers are already facing the weight of the coercive mandate, which forces most employers to provide their employees insurance with free coverage of abortion-inducing drugs, contraceptives, and sterilization—regardless of religious or moral objections. And in just a few months, on Aug. 1, many religious organizations, including faith-based schools, colleges, and hospitals, will be forced to comply with the mandate as well. The alternative is crippling fines of up to $100 per employee per day.

Already, businesses, colleges, and hospitals have filed nearly 60 lawsuits against the administration’s mandate. Hobby Lobby and Tyndale House Publishers are just two of the Christian-run businesses now entangled in legal battles for refusing to violate their consciences on abortion-inducing drugs.

We cannot afford to sit out this battle and leave our religious freedom to the uncertainty of the courts. Time is of the essence. That’s why the Health Care Conscience Rights Act is so important.

Urge Your Representative to Cosponsor H.R. 940

For More Information:
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I hope you recognize the urgency of this battle. The stakes are high. Our religious freedom is a gift to us from God, not government. It is the government’s duty to protect it.

Thank you for making that call or sending that email to your representative.

In His Service,

Dr. Richard Land
The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Southern Baptist Convention

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