Nashville, Tenn. • May 18-19, 2015

Introduction to Christian Ethics: An Intensive Seminar with Russell Moore

The inaugural 2015 ERLC Academy seminar will be "Introduction to Christian Ethics" with ERLC president Russell Moore as your professor. This seminar is for Christians who want to strengthen their understanding of ethics; whether you are a college or seminary student taking this for course credit with a partner school or simply an interested pastor or lay leader.

In an exclusive, intimate classroom setting, attendees will study with one of the top ethicists in the evangelical world to learn how to apply the gospel to foundational ethical issues. You'll be equipped to answer important questions including:

• How does the gospel shape an evangelical approach to ethics?
• How can I understand the community around me and its approach to cultural engagement?
• How do I navigate complicated ethical decisions that come up in my daily life?
• How should I understand essential ethical issues like bioethics, marriage, sanctity of life, religious liberty, sexuality, decision making, and many more?

Seminary and college students can take this seminar for course credit with a partner school by completing additional course work in conjunction with the class. Students should contact their school for more information about course credit options.

Through lectures, breakout sessions, and Q&A time, all attendees will have a unique opportunity to learn the essentials of evangelical ethics. If you've ever wanted to study ethics with Russell Moore, this is your chance!


• $149 Early Bird rate through February 6, 2015
• $189 Regular rate through April 10, 2015
• $229 Late rate through May 8, 2015
• $99 Early Student rate through April 10, 2015
• $119 Late Student rate through May 8, 2015

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