What is the ERLC Leadership Network?

The ERLC Leadership Network is a movement of men and women — leaders, pastors, and lay people — who desire to join the ERLC’s efforts to apply the gospel of the kingdom to the major cultural issues of our day. The Leadership Network is the ERLC’s most comprehensive and intentional effort to equip leaders, pastors, and lay people to navigate the moral and ethical issues of the day. Think of it as a combination of a university alumni association (providing an outlet for affinity with the ERLC) and a comprehensive digital equipping hub (providing an outlet for resources from the ERLC).

Why should I join the ERLC Leadership Network?

There are three main reasons you should consider joining the ERLC Leadership Network:

• The Culture: The Network will equip you to navigate the complex culture around you
• The Benefits: The Network will provide helpful resources and other benefits in accessible ways
• The Opportunity: The Network will enable you to join the ERLC in this strategic opportunity for equipping churches and leaders

Who can join the ERLC Leadership Network?

The ERLC Leadership Network is open to men and women — leaders, pastors, and lay people — who resonate with the vision of the ERLC and desire intentional equipping. The Network is not limited to only Southern Baptists. Instead, the ERLC welcomes all like minded Christians to join the network. Network members do not represent the ERLC in any official capacity. The ERLC reserves the right to add or remove network members at its discretion.

How do I join the ERLC Leadership Network?

Joining the Network is easy. Simply complete the registration form. You will then have immediate access to the benefits for network members, including content, discounts, and events.

Does it cost money to join the ERLC Leadership Network?

No. There is no cost to join the Network. Even better, network members can receive discounts on ERLC events and content.

What’s the difference between the Leadership Network and the Leadership Council?

The Leadership Network is the broad group that the Leadership Council serves. The ERLC Leadership Network Council is a collection of SBC pastors and leaders who serve as an advisory council for the broader Network and receive intentional investment from the ERLC team. While any like minded Christian can choose to be a part of the Network, the Council is an annual invitation-only opportunity for SBC pastors and leaders. The reason there are no women on the Leadership Council is because a requirement for membership is that members have previously served or are currently serving in pastoral ministry.

Can I join the Network Leadership Council?

No, the ERLC Leadership Network Leadership Council is invitation only. Additional council members will be invited for future annual terms on the Leadership Council. But you are invited to join the broader ERLC Leadership Network.

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