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It is a challenging time for evangelicals who desire to engage the culture with the gospel. And the cultural issues are only getting more complex. That’s why the ERLC invites you to join the ERLC Leadership Network.

The ERLC Leadership Network is our most comprehensive and intentional effort to equip leaders, pastors, and lay people to navigate the moral and ethical issues of the day. As a Network member, you will receive a number of benefits including:

  • Exclusive content
  • Priority access to ERLC events
  • Discounts on ERLC events and content
  • Helpful resources
  • And much more

Leadership Council member Jon Akin, who pastors Fairview Church in Lebanon, TN, explains why he is excited about the Network: “In the midst of thorny ethical problems that are facing the church, I am grateful for the gospel-centered voice of the ERLC. I'm excited to be a part of the Leadership Network and be further equipped by these great leaders to engage these issues with convictional kindness.”

Do you desire to sharpen your ability to apply the gospel of the kingdom to the key issues of the day? Then, join the ERLC Leadership Network today. Simply, click on the Join the Network button below and complete the brief form to get started.

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